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The Eastleigh area is now served by Solent Credit Union, which has joined forces with Eastleigh Credit Union, to provide a greater range of services and benefits to new and existing members.

Credit Unions help their members save regularly and provide affordable loans. Any surplus of funds is paid to members as a dividend.

A Credit Union is run and owned by the members, who work for the benefit of other members and the local community. The activities of the credit union are regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Advantages of Saving with Solent Credit Union

• Flexible savings to suit your needs - payments can be made as often as you want

• Save any amount from £1 per week - the choice is yours

• You can save up to £10,000

• Saving money with your Credit Union is easy - you can pay in to your account locally at the office or collection point. You can also save by standing order

• Solent has collection points across Eastleigh (see website below for more details)

• You may receive an annual dividend on savings

• Opportunity to save for special occasions - such as Christmas, holidays or school trips

• Your savings support a local organisation helping local people

• Free life savings insurance - if you die, your family may receive as much as twice your savings - ask the Solent office for deta

For more information please visit our website 
or phone 02381 788375

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Registration No. 213753