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The Citizens' Panel

Until 2014 Eastleigh Borough Council operated a Citizens' Panel of about 800 residents. The panel responded to regular Viewpoint Surveys sent to them, containing questions on a wide range of (mainly) local issues. Each Panel lasted for between three to four years receiving one large survey per year, up to a maximum of six during the life of the Panel. In the summer 2011 we created our last Citizens' Panel (Panel 5). Below are the links to information from panellists from the last three surveys

In 2014 it was decided to investigate new methods of consulting residents and to no longer operate our Citizens' Panel. The council has set an ambitious target of saving £4.7 million over the next few years and many of the services we provide our residents (including how we consult with them) are being reviewed to find more cost effective methods of providing those services, while striving to preserve their quality. This means our consultation will be moving towards being a more email/internet based system that provides quicker responses to more regular and shorter surveys, perhaps sometimes containing just a question or two.  

If you would be interested in being part of our new consultation process then please get in touch with me by phone or email

Mark Lonsdale
Corporate Research Officer
Tel: 023 8068 8424


The Citizens' Panel - Latest Information

The survey covered 7 topics:

(I) StreetScene Services

(II) Waste and Recycling Services

(III) Crime and Community Safety

(IV) Sport and Exercise

(V) Pest Control

(VI) Alcohol

(VII) Home Insulation


Full report including all results and commentary


The previous survey (Survey 1) for 5th Panel covered 6 topics:

(I) Crime and Community Safety

(II) Communication and Customer Experience

(III) Housing and Council Tax Benefit

(IV) Alcohol and Young People

(V) Climate Change and the Environment

(VI) Eastleigh Town Centre.