I'm going to be homeless

Homelessness Advice

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If you are homeless, or think you might become homeless in the future, tell us as soon as you can. Please contact our Housing Advice team for advice on 023 8068 8165.  We'll ask you about what is worrying you and give some advice to you straight away. We may also offer you an appointment to make a homelessness application or, if you are homeless, you will be seen straight away.

What do we mean by 'homeless'?
You're homeless if you don't have a home that you can legally occupy. But we are just as committed to helping anyone who is 'threatened with homelessness' having been served with notice to leave, in financial difficulties or any other reason.
We don't want you to wait to lose the roof over your head before you come to us.You may also be homeless if you have a home, but can't live there because you've been evicted illegally from it or it is unreasonable for you to stay in your present home. This could be due to domestic violence or threats of violence against you or a member of your family.

Our Priority is Prevention
Our aim is to help prevent you becoming homeless. We can offer help such as debt counselling, negotiations with landlords and advice on alternative accommodation to keep a roof over your head. Please contact us as soon as your landlord, bank or building society threatens repossession action.

We Can't help Everybody
If you lose your home because of anti-social behaviour or because you knowingly broke the rules, such as not paying the rent or mortgage, you may be considered to be intentionally homeless. In such a situation if we cannot prevent the loss of your home, we will offer you advice about other housing options that maybe available to you. If you make a homelessness application and are unhappy with the decision, you can request a review of your case.

Temporary Accommodation
In some cases we will need to provide you with temporary accommodation.  This could be bed and breakfast or hostel accommodation. We try not to have to - we would much prefer to help find you a place to rent - but this is not always possible.

Our Preventing Homelessness Strategy 2013-18
Every Council is expected to produce a strategy setting out what it will do to reduce the level of homelessness and help those who become homeless. Our strategy is to understand the causes locally, to provide good quality housing options advice and assistance and undertake proactive homelessness prevention work, to generate as many homes as we can, to help the most vulnerable move into suitable housing, to provide access to good quality private rented accommodation, meet national targets and provide value for money. For further information, please see our Preventing Homelessness Strategy 2013-18.

Housing Service

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your housing situation or you may be threatened with homelessness, please contact us on 02380 688165 to arrange an appointment with a Housing Advisor.

A daily duty drop in service is available during office opening hours to those who are homeless with immediate effect. 

If you become homeless outside of office opening hours and need assistance you can contact our out of hours service on 02380 688000. 

Email housing@eastleigh.gov.uk - please include a daytime telephone number and any relevant information regarding your current circumstances for us to understand your situation.