Empty properties

We are working hard to reduce the number of empty homes in the Borough by offering owners assistance

We can offer owners of empty properties assistance in several ways, including:

  • Advice on how the property can be best be re occupied , including financial assistance
  • Leasing the property to VIVID Housing Association from whom you would receive a regular income 
  • Discussing our rent bond scheme and providing owners who wish to manage the property themselves with lists of prospective tenants 

We firstly try and work with the owner of the empty property, helping them to bring the property back into use, whether for sale, to rent or to move into themselves. If it is apparent that an owner has no intention of bringing their property back into use we have a number of powers to bring the property back into use with the cost of any action passed back to the owner.

If you are the owner of an empty dwelling in the Borough and would like help to bring it back into use please contact us using the form below.

If you are aware of an empty property that you feel needs action please report it to us.

Information on what to do if you rent a property in a state of disrepair