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Disabled Facilities Grants Wet room

The Local Authority has the ability to provide grants, where it is appropriate, for adaptations to a home for a disabled person.

A grant may be provided for many types of adaptations, including;

  • Ramping
  • Widening of doorways
  • Alterations to facilitate wheelchair access
  • Adaptations to the facilities in a bathroom and toilet
  • Installation of stairlifts & through floor lifts
  • and many more...

The Council cannot accept a request for a grant directly from a client. It can only be considered upon receipt of a referral from an Occupational Therapist detailing the clients needs. To request an Occupational Therapy assessment please contact Hampshire County Council Occupational Therapy Service on 0845 600 4555.

Once the Council has received a referral, it needs to determine if it is appropriate to provide a grant. This can result in one of three outcomes, either a full grant can be offered, a partial grant where the client has some contribution towards the cost of the adaptations or no grant can be offered.  

A full grant is only guaranteed to be provided for the following:

  • Where the clients is a child or a young person still in full time education
  • Where the client is in receipt of certain benefits (full details of the qualifying benefits will be discussed with the client once a referral is received)

All other clients will be asked to complete additional information regarding all financial details. This information is needed as all Local Authorities are required to carry out a financial assessment to determine whether a grant can be offered. If a client refuses to fully declare all information requested as part of the financial assessment, the Council will be unable to offer any grant to them and the case will be closed.

Where no grant can be offered and the client is a home owner, it may be possible to assist in arranging alternative financial assistance.

Should you wish to know more on our policies on financial assistance or works eligible under a DFG these documents can be viewed on our Strategies and Plans page.

If you require any general information about the Disabled Facilities Grant process then please contact us on 023 8068 8276.