Empty Properties

Bring an empty property back into the market

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Empty Homes - What a Waste! Unoccupiedpropertyinsurance

An empty property is a wasted asset

Not only is an empty property a wasted asset for the owner, but it also is a blight to the neighbourhood. A home could be provided for someone looking for housing within the Eastleigh area.

By bringing properties back into use owners get an income, properties don't just stand empty deteriorating costing the owner money and local residents don't have to put up with the problems that empty homes attract, such as petty crime and vandalism.

Everybody wins.

Our Empty Property Strategy was adopted in March 2011 with the aim of providing advice and assistance to the owners to help bring their empty property back into use.

We are working hard to reduce the number of empty homes in the Borough by offering owners assistance in several ways, including:

  • advice on how the property can be best be re occupied , including financial assistance (find out more)
  • leasing the property to Vivid Housing Association from whom you would receive a regular income (find out more)
  • discussing our rent bond scheme and providing you with lists of prospective tenants if you want to manage the property yourself

In all case we firstly try and work with the owner of the empty property, helping them to bring the property back into use, be that for sale, to rent or to move into themselves. However, if it is apparent that an owner has no intention of bringing their property back into use the Council has a number of powers to force the property back into use with the cost of any action taken by the council being passed back to the owner.

Empty Home SIf you are the owner of an empty dwelling in the borough and would like help to bring it back into use please contact us by telephone on 023 8068 8329  

If you are aware of an empty property that you feel needs action please complete the online form.