Do you own your home?

Page last updated at 18 June 2015 at 14:04

Do you Own your Home?

 Cranburyrd MAdvice for Home Owners
The majority of Easteligh's residents own their homes either outright or with a mortgage. If your current mortgage is coming to an end you might be finding that new interest rates are higher and a small percentage can make a big difference. Housing costs, particularly energy costs, have risen faster than inflation and salaries. So it's no surprise that many people, particularly young families, are finding it harder to make ends meet. These pages are to help you.

Empty Homes
One of our biggest priorities is to reduce the numbers of empty homes. At a time when homes are in such short supply, an empty home is a waste - we are targeting these homes and bringing them back into use. Most empty homes are privately owned. If you own or know of an empty home then please take a look at the Empty Properties page and help us to tackle the problem.

Help to Pay the Bills
If you are struggling with the mortgage then we have information on help with the mortgage payments. A great way of saving money is to cut your energy costs and make the most of the new technology available under the Green Deal. You pay less for your energy in the longer term and help reduce global warming, so everyone wins. We also give advice on how you can earn an income from taking in a lodger. Here too everyone wins because you give someone a home and have some extra money in your pocket.

Repairs and Adaptations
Financial assistance is available for some residents living in poor quality homes and these are to be found on the 'Help with Repairs Bills' page. And if you are living in  a home that is damp or where condensation is a problem we have some simple solutions to the problem.

Finally, if you are disabled or elderly you might be finding it difficult to get around your home. There is a wide range of equipment and grants available to help you to enjoy your home for as long as possible. We can also advise on moves to smaller or sheltered housing.