Do you need a licence?

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Do you need a Licence?Many Keys M


If you are the landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation with three or more floors and five or more people made up of of two or more households.


  • the building has been converted into self-contained flats that do not meet the 1991 Building regulations and  less then 2/3rds are owner occupied.
  • the buildings managed by educational establishments, Local Housing Authorities, Registered Social Landlords, Police, Fire, Health Authority or regulated by other legislation such as residential care homes
  • the buildings are occupied by religious communities

Licensing schemes exist to raise standards in the private rented sector and ensure that these properties are well managed.

To obtain a licence you need to show that

  • you and any manager of the property is a 'fit and proper' person;
  • proper management standards are being applied at the property; and
  • the property is reasonably suitable, or can be made suitable, for occupation by the number of tenants allowed under the licence taking into account the number, type and quality of bathrooms, toilets and cooking facilities.

What if I ignore this advice?

If an HMO is operated without a licence, the person having control of, or person managing the dwelling is liable, on conviction, for a maximum fine of £20,000.

For more information download our information pack below or application form if you wish to apply for a HMO licence. For any other information or queries please contact our Private Sector Housing team on 023 8068 8329.

Register of Currently Licenced HMO's


 No. of Occupants Licenced

 No. of Households Licenced

  Date Current Licence Issued

46 Twyford Road, Eastleigh SO50 4HH



18th June 2014

10 Grantham Road, Eastleigh SO50 5PX



18th August 2015