Are you a Landlord?

Page last updated at 03 July 2017 at 09:37

Help and advice for private landlords

Are you a landlord or are you thinking about becoming a landlord?

There are now a higher proportion of homes rented privately than for many years. Eastleigh welcomes private landlords since we recognise the important role that they play in helping us to meet the housing needs of a growing population.

Whether you own just one or two properties or you have a larger portfolio we aim to assist all landlords to better manage their homes directly or, if they want greater security, to take advantage of successful private leasing schemes.

The pages listed below all offer further information, advice and details to help you as a landlord make the most of your property and to better ensure it is safe and well managed.

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Landlords - Your Responsibilities

All properties that are rented, regardless of type or size, are governed by the requirements of the Housing Act 2004. The Council is committed to ensuring that rented accommodation in our Borough is safe, well managed and meets these standards. By knowing your responsibilities and ensuring your property meets the required standards you will not only be protecting your tenants but also yourself and your asset.


Peace of Mind - Private Leasing

Being a private landlord isn't a worry-free existence. There is always the risk of rent arrears, court costs, properties being damaged and rent being lost between lettings. The Council supports the schemes run by First Wessex and Real Lettings to take the worry and risk out of being a landlord.



Energy Advice for Landlords

Every rented property is required to have an energy performance certificate to help prospective tenants compare properties based on their energy performance. Why not undertake some energy efficiency work and help to tackle fuel poverty, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in doing so improve the energy rating of your rented property.


Reducing the number of empty homes

An empty property is a wasted asset. Why not consider renting? As the owner you could receive income from it, a home could be provided for an Eastleigh family, and local residents will not have to put up with the problems that empty homes can attract, such as petty crime, vandalism, or harbourage of rodents.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Most rented housing in the Borough is self contained but a small proportion are "houses in multiple occupation" (HMOs). The Council is committed to ensuring that they are safe and well managed given the higher risks that are inherent with this type of accommodation.