Finding private rented accommodation

Helping you find a place to rent

There are many ways that rented homes are advertised - from online and via lettings agencies, to shop windows and the pages of local newspapers.

Most of the national housing websites let you search by location and rent. Three of the biggest are Zoopla,  Propertywide and Rightmove 

The charity Shelter provides some excellent advice about lettings agencies which can save you money. 

People on benefits can often find it far more difficult to find a place to rent privately- and the Council can help you find a place through our Tenancy Start Up scheme.

Rent Top Up is a homeless prevention scheme designed to help anyone with a local connection to Eastleigh Borough who is facing eviction from rented accommodation due to rent arrears. The scheme offers an interest-free loan to clear some or all the arrears on the condition the landlord agrees to stop possession proceedings.