Applying for a home    

Registering for housing in Eastleigh through Home Choice

Many people are looking for a home in Eastleigh; depending on your circumstances, you may have to wait several years before being successful. Hampshire Home Choice is the name of the housing register that allocates social housing in the Borough of Eastleigh.

If you want to move to social housing in Eastleigh you need to be registered on Hampshire Home Choice. Depending on the nature of your housing problem, you may never be offered a housing association home, so we also offer a housing options service to help you to consider what else you can do.

How to register 

All housing association vacancies in the Borough are advertised through the Hampshire Home Choice Housing Register. You can also bid for properties once your application has been accepted. You have a right to question the band you are placed in on the Hampshire Home Choice housing register.  Their allocations policy tells you how to do this.