Air quality monitoring

We have a duty to monitor air pollution throughout the Borough. Our local air quality management is carried out by monitoring the pollutants.

We have a statutory duty under the Environment Act 1995 to review and assess the air quality within our Borough. This involves comparing the measured or predicted air pollution levels against the UK National Air Quality Standards

Monitoring Data        

We have four real time air quality monitors and 50 diffusion tubes. The real time monitors record changes in air pollution as they happen.

Monitoring is primarily located within our Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA). The monitoring locations are chosen to target areas where air pollution is expected to be high, areas where members of the public spend an hour or more near busy roads, and areas that represent a background level that is not impacted by road traffic or industrial sources. These monitoring locations give us a picture of the air pollution levels across the Borough.

The real time monitors are currently located within the Eastleigh management area and the Botley management area. All monitor for nitrogen dioxide with one monitor also measuring particulate matter. The diffusion tubes are located throughout the borough and measure nitrogen dioxide. 

Latest air quality monitoring data from our automatic stations at Southampton Road and Steele Close.

Airalert Hampshire

Our NO2 diffusion tube data.