Stray, lost and stolen dogs

Stray and stolen dogs in our Borough
Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 each Local Authority has a designated officer to deal with stray dogs.

A stray dog that has been collected by us may be reclaimed by its owner after full payment of a statutory fee, daily kennel fee and any other fees incurred plus veterinary fees if applicable.

Lost dogs can be reclaimed between 9am to midday and 3pm to 5pm.

If your dog is stolen you should report it to the Police and obtain an incident number.  Please also report the theft to our Animal Welfare Officer who can give you further advice and support.  If your dog is insured and/or micropchipped you should also report it to the relevant insurance company and/or microchip database company.

Losing your dog in another Borough
If you have lost your dog outside of our Borough, please contact the council covering the area in which your dog went missing. We also recommend that you report your dog on as many lost dog websites as possible such as Dog Lost and other local social media sites.

Finding a dog
If you find a dog, it’s an offence not to inform the Local Authority covering the area in which you found it. Their Animal Welfare Officer will collect the dog during normal working hours. If a dog has a tag or other form of identification, you may return it directly to the owner.

There is an out-of-hours service for stray dogs and designated kennels are open to accept stray dogs on weekdays outside office hours until 9pm. If you find a dog at the weekend or out of office hours, please call 01489 892 760.

Stray dogs in poor condition
Our Animal Welfare Officer assesses all stray dogs and will obtain veterinary treatment as required.  If they consider there is a welfare problem they will contact the RSPCA to decide on any further action.