Dangerous dogs

Reporting dangerous dog and dog attacks

The following three Acts deal with any situation where dogs bite, attack or worry people, livestock or other dogs.

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
Protection of Livestock Act 1953
Dogs Act 1871

All incidents where a dog/s attacks another dog/s should be reported to us, particularly if there is injury to one or both dogs.  While formal action may not be able to be taken the information is important for future reference.  If possible the address of the owner of the offending dog should be, however, a report can still be made where this is unknown. 

All incidents where dogs bite people should be reported to us and to the Police.  Formal action may be taken by the Police at their discretion and a dog behaviour contract may be proposed if appropriate.

Prohibited Breeds
If you suspect that someone has a dog of a breed type that is prohibited please contact us and the Police. The breed types currently prohibited are Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentinos and Fila Brasileiros.