Saving Water

Water saving tips

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Saving Water   

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Climate change is already affecting the world's temperature and weather patterns. We seem to be experiencing more extreme weather with floods and hose pipe bans becoming more likely. Our agriculture, parks and wildlife are likely to suffer. 

We can all help by saving water! Each person uses about 150 litres of water every day in the South East which is equivalent to

  • taking two baths
  • flushing the toilet 20 times
  • taking five showers
  • washing two full loads of washing

Southern Water Free Home Water Audit

A new offer has been launched by Southern Water to help residents reduce their water bills. They are offering 5000 people a free home visit plus installation of water saving devices.

Find out more on the SW Home Audit page.

Tips on water saving


  • Don't leave the tap running when you brush your teeth.
  • Fully load your washing machine before using it and consider updating it with a water efficient model.
  • Don't take a bath, take a five minute shower instead and try finding out whether you can install a low flow regulator to your shower head.
  • Use a low flush bag in your toilet cistern if it is older than 2001.
  • Put the plug in the basin when you are washing your face.
  • Invest in aerators for your taps to reduce flow without making it feel like you're skimping on water.
  • Invest in a water efficient dishwasher, fill it up before you turn it on and use the eco or economy settings.
  • Fill a kettle only with as much water as you need. 


  • Mulch your plants to help keep soil moist.
  • Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe.
  • Install a water butt and use the water on the garden.
  • Pressure washers and garden irrigation systems can work with most water butts.
  • Water your garden when it's cool to avoid evaporation ie early morning or in the evening.
  • Do the washing up in a bowl and then water the garden with the waste water.
  • Install a bath water diverter so waste water can easily be used in the garden.
  • Plant drought resistant varieties in your garden.
  • Don't use a hosepipe to wash your car - use a bucket of water instead! 

Other Links

Visit Southern Water's pages on water saving tips for help on reducing water usage in the home and garden. 

Try the energy saving trust Water Energy Calculator to indicate the amount of water and energy you use in your home. Then making adjustments will help you see what difference it has.

Top Tips

Download our top tips for saving Water.

To find out more, contact Giles Gooding on 023 8068 8274, email, Twitter @EcoEastleigh