Energy Saving Advice

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Sometimes it is difficult to translate energy saving advice into what it means for you. Deciding what will work for you and which won't. 

Eastleigh Borough Council can help. We regularly make presentations to community groups giving low or no cost tips that can save you money. We also offer a free energy saving course for a group of up to 10 people to help them save energy at home, putting money back in their pockets. 

The informal course will be facilitated by an energy expert, encouraging discussion of how they use energy, think about ways of saving it and compare how successful they were. 

Many people don’t know how much energy they use and don’t have the knowledge or means to make savings. Peer group discussions like these have been shown as effective ways to reduce energy consumption. 

Energy Saving Competition

We ran a competition inviting residents to send us their favourite energy saving tips and we had lots of good replies. Here are a few of my favourites. 


"Use a steamer to cook vegetables. You can cook 3 or 4 veggies for the same amount of energy it takes to cook one - and its healthier." 

"Cut food into smaller pieces so they cook quicker." 


"Invest in a onesie - I wear a leopard print onesie with hood and matching boot slippers. Aged 58 I am down with the kids and only need my heating on for a very short time when its very cold - I stay warm within - grrr NOT brrr!" 

"Upturn an empty plastic cup or yoghurt pot over the kitchen hot tap. Often when we go to the sink to rinse a cup or to dampen a cloth we automatically reach for the hot tap, but because of the small amount of water needed we only get the water that is lying in the pipe. While the hot water we hope for is now lying in it's place and cooling off. Worse still, we have caused replacement cold water in the tank. By putting the cup over the hot tap it reminds you that for simple needs the cold tap is money saving." 

"During the winter months I put up draught curtains across the house front door & bottom of the stairs to the upper floor. Both lead off from the hallway which is the house core as far as the central heating is concerned. This makes a big difference to temperature & costs." 


"Get an electricity monitor (we got one free from SSE) then spend an afternoon checking each individual appliance in your house. We were stunned to find our brand new flat screen uses 20w on stand by, and our panasonic microwave nearly 35w, just doing nothing. We switch them off at the wall now." 

"I don't always need to use all of my freezer space, so, when I see a nice loaf of bread reduced I buy 1 or 2 and put them in the freezer. This saves on the cost of bread and the cost of energy as the freezer doesn't have to work hard to freeze air space. I believe containers of water and newspaper have been used but I think bread is a greater saving." 

"If you cannot afford all led lights through your house just change the light fittings you use the most." 


"I ride my bike a lot! With careful planning with my wife, we now only run one car with huge savings in energy - fuel for the car, plus energy to build, maintain and scrap the car." 


"Boil enough water when making the morning tea to also fill a flask. This can be used later in the day to wash hands, with a bit of cold, instead of running the hot tap wasting both water and gas to heat the large amount of water run off compared to the small amount of hot water required." 

"Save on water and heating costs: share a bath!" 

"Scrunch up old newspapers and soak in a bucket of rainwater. Then place around outdoor pot plants. This helps prevent the compost from drying out, and you don't need to water so frequently. It also worked a treat for my greenhouse tomatoes last year! :)"


To find out more, contact Giles Gooding on 023 8068 8274, email, Twitter @EcoEastleigh