Eco-Schools is an international award programme

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Eco-Schools in Eastleigh Borough Eco -Schools

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life.

In England the Eco-Schools programme is operated by the charity Keep Britain Tidy and over 70% of schools have signed up.

In our Borough 46% of schools are registered and we have one Green Flag, so there is lots of potential for further engagement.


Why become an Eco-School

Signing up to Eco-Schools has huge benefits for your pupils

  • Improvements in team-working skils
  • Building self esteem, confidence and leadership skills
  • Introducing important career skills for example, planning and delivering projects, running meetings, taking minutes, interpreting data and evaluation
  • Building sustainability into all aspects of their lives

The Eco-Schools programme has many benefits for your school, including:

  • Saving money which can be reinvested elsewhere
  • Enhancing the curriculum
  • Creating opportunities to link to parents and the wider community
  • Enabling improvements to your school and grounds
  • Positive publicity

Bespoke package for your school

A qualified Eco-Schools assessor working for the Council can assist you through the process.

Eco-Schools is a flexible, inclusive programme. It enables you to choose projects, activities, campaigns and initiatives that will fit with your own school's circumstances, interests and goals.

The nine topics defined by the Eco-Schools programme are Litter, Waste and Recycling, Energy (compulsory), Water, Transport,
School Grounds, Biodiversity, Global perspective and Healthy Living.

Does it cost anything?

It costs nothing to join and progress through the Bronze and Silver awards which are self-assessed. To achieve full Green Flag Eco-
Schools status your school will complete an online application and receive a visit from an Eco-Schools assessor. There is a £200 cost to
cover this process. 

To find out more, contact Giles Gooding on 023 8068 8274, email, Twitter @EcoEastleigh