Creating a more sustainable society

Page last updated at 18 July 2017 at 16:36

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Creating a more sustainable society needs the support of the many communities around the Borough. If your community needs some help and advice on a range of sustainability issues the Council can support you in setting up a group for that cause.

Talks to Community Groups

If your community group has a spare date in your calendar and are looking for a speaker, how about having a meeting focussing on saving energy, renewable energy, recycling, travel, climate change or anything to do with sustainability.  We would be happy to tailor it to what you want.

Focus Groups on Energy Saving

The Council can offer a free energy saving course in your workplace, club or home, to help you save energy at home, putting money back in your pockets.

The informal course will be run by an energy expert, for a small group of up to 10 people to get together to discuss how they use energy, think about ways of saving it and compare how successful they were.

Many people don’t know how much energy they use and don’t have the knowledge or means to make savings. Peer group discussions like these have been shown as effective ways to reduce energy consumption.

To find out more, contact Giles Gooding on 023 8068 8274, email, Twitter @EcoEastleigh