Strategies and policies

Our corporate plan and other policies/strategies

Corporate Plan

We have a proud record of success in our role as community leader, delivering fantastic services and world class projects that residents and businesses value. That’s not going to change. In building on this success we must ensure we are focussed on staying ahead of the game, just as we have in the past. Local government is continuing to experience change. We’re facing external pressures including loss of half our income from central government, which has contributed to a fresh look at our priorities.

This Corporate Plan is at the heart of our programme for the future. It provides clear direction enabling us to manage our resources to deliver excellent services for local people in the future. In taking the plan forward we will need to be more commercial about the way we think about services and look for opportunities to trade. We will maximise use of digital technology; in the workplace, around the Borough and promote self-service, and we continue to seek opportunities to act as developer to get projects off the ground.

We will remain ambitious and lead the way for our communities. This will include reinforcing effective partnerships with other organisations to achieve our objectives set out here. In doing all this we will ensure we meet the needs and aspirations of our residents and customers and that Eastleigh continues to be a great place to live, work and visit.