Council policies

Eastleigh Borough Council has a range of Corporate Governance policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

As part of our commitment to be open and transparent, our policies and strategies are being made available through the publication scheme. Several of our policies are under review and therefore some may be updated or even removed if the policy has been superseded.

In addition, Eastleigh Borough Council has a number of internal policies that are available on request.

Annual Governance Statement, 2017/18

Armed Forces Community Covenant

Arts Needs Survey 2011-15

Biodiversity Action Plan 2012-2022

Climate Change Action Plan 2011-2020

Climate Change Strategy 2011-2020

Corporate Plan 2015-2025

Council Tax Reduction Scheme Policy 2018/19

Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy 2015-19

Disabled Facility Grant (DFG) Eligible Works Policy 2014-2017

Discretionary Business Rates Relief Policy 2017/18

Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme (DHP): Policy Statement

Discretionary Reduction in Liability for Council Tax Policy

Domestic Waste and Recycling Policy: April 2014

Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2016-2036

Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review 2001-2011(Remains valid until replaced by Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2016-2036)

Eastleigh Compact

Eastleigh's Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy 2015-19

Empty Homes Strategy 2016-2019

Equality Strategy and Action Plan, 2016-2020

Green Borough Corporate Strategy

Hampshire Home Choice Allocations Framework

Health and Wellbeing Corporate Strategy

Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Licensing Policy 2018-2020

Housing Corporate Strategy

Modern Slavery Statement

Policy for Trees on Public Land

Preventing Homelessness Strategy 2013-18

Private Sector Housing Financial Assistance Policy 2014-2017

Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy 2012-2017

Prosperous Place Corporate Strategy

Public Art Strategy 2015-2019

Sport & Active Lifestyles Strategy 2016-2020

Tenancy Strategy for Housing Associations 2012-2016

Walking Strategy: Promoting Walking in Eastleigh Borough