Review of Polling Stations 2019

The aim of the review was to ensure that:

  • electors in the constituency have reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances; 
  • as far as reasonable and practicable, the polling places are accessible to all electors, including those who are disabled, and when considering the designation of a polling place, must have regard to the accessibility needs of disabled persons.

The following was not considered as part of the review:

  • the changing of any district ward boundaries (which can only be done by statute following an electoral review carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission). This review is concerned only with the administrative subdivision of a ward into polling districts which are then assigned polling places;
  • the changing of polling districts in areas which are also aligned with parish boundaries and therefore cannot be amended during this review (these can only be amended during a Community Governance Review).


Polling district - A 'polling district' is a geographical subdivision of an electoral area such as a county division or a district ward within which a polling place is designated.

Polling place - A 'polling place' is an area or building in which a polling station is usually located and can be a complete polling district.

Polling station - the actual area where the process of voting takes place, e.g. a room in a community centre or school.

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