Household Enquiry Form

Household Enquiry Form

All households across the borough will soon be receiving a letter about electoral registration. We’ll be asking you to check that the electoral information we hold for you is correct.

This is part of our annual canvass and all properties will receive a household enquiry form (HEF). This enables us to check that people living at an address are eligible to vote. Legally you have to respond to the form.

Once you receive the letter it’s quick and easy to confirm your details online (for both changes and confirmation of no change) or by calling 0800 197 9871. Anyone who is unable to use these automated options should complete and return the form in the pre-paid envelope provided. Please don’t return the form if you have already confirmed your details online or by telephone. Remember - if you’re not registered you may lose your right to vote so please make sure you respond quickly! 

If we do not receive a response from you we’ll ask one of our electoral registration canvassers to call at your property. We are required by law to visit households that don’t respond and you are legally required to respond to the letter.

If you have just moved into a property then you’ll also be sent an Individual Registration Form which invites you to register to vote. If you do not register, a canvasser will call at your property encouraging you to do so.

For more information about the electoral registration process please visit or call us on 023 8068 8000.

An up to date electoral register will be published by 1 December 2019 and will be used for any elections held after that date. This includes the Police & Crime Commissioner, Eastleigh Borough and Parish Elections held on 7 May 2020.