Downloadable forms for Council Tax and Benefits

Forms that can be completed and returned to us

In this section you will find a number of forms which can be downloaded and printed for completion before being returned to this office.

Completed and signed forms should be returned by post to Revenue & Benefits, Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN.  Alternatively, scans of the fully completed forms can be sent via email to


Change of address

Please use this form if you want to claim Housing Benefit from a new address

Application Form for Discretionary Housing Payments

This is to request a top up of Housing Benefit you receive up to the amount of the rent charge. You will be required to submit two full bank statements for each account held to support your request.

Self Employed Earnings Information form

To be completed if you do not have up-to-date accounts for your self-employed business.

Change of Circumstances form for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

This form is to be used if you have had a change in your circumstances, you must remember to provide documentary proof of your change(s) in addition to completing this form.

Second Adult Rebate application form

If you are of pensionable age and you have other adults present in your property (not including your partner) on a low income you may be able to receive help to pay your Council Tax.

Financial Information Questionnaire

If you have an outstanding Housing Benefit overpayment for which we are taking deductions directly from your Housing Benefit, you can request that these deductions are reduced if you are suffering from financial hardship.