Housing Benefit Overpayments

Page last updated at 05 November 2015 at 16:20

If you are paid too much Housing Benefit an overpayment occurs and you will be asked to pay it back.

Housing Benefit overpayments are recovered either by deduction from your ongoing Housing Benefit, if you are still entitled, or by sending you an invoice. You must pay the invoice in full or contact the Benefit section to make an arrangement. If you fail to repay the amount due by the required date then further recovery action will be taken against you which will incur costs. This could involve deductions from wages/salary, from any other benefits in payment or by sending the debt to a debt collection agency or County Court.

Sometimes overpayments are recovered driect from the landlord if they were receiving Housing Benefit payments direct to them and they contributed to the overpayment by failing to inform us of a change in their tenants circumstances such as vacation of the property.