Housing Benefit Appeals

Page last updated at 05 November 2015 at 16:20

If you do not agree with a decision that has been made on your Housing Benefit claim you have the right of appeal.  Any appeal should be made in writing, signed by the benefit claimant and sent to the Revenue and Benefits unit at the Council. The Appeal should be made within one calendar month of the date of the Council’s decision about your claim.

When your Appeal is received, the decision will be checked to make sure that it is correct, if there are any amendments to be made these will be carried out and a new notification will be sent to you. You then have a new right of Appeal.

If the decision is found to be correct your appeal will be sent to an Independent Tribunal and a letter will be sent to you to confirm this.  A copy of the papers sent to the Tribunals Service will also be sent to you. The tribunal must abide by the same regulations that the Council use to decide whether the Council made the right decision about your claim.

The Tribunal Service will then contact you directly with a date for the hearing which you should attend. If you have any queries concerning your appeal hearing you can contact the Tribunal Service direct the contact details will be included in the letter from them.