Second Adult Rebate - for Pensioners only

Page last updated at 05 November 2015 at 16:34

Second Adult Rebate is a benefit for people who are Pension Credit age only and solely liable for Council Tax, but do not get a Single Person Discount from their Council Tax because there are other adults living in the property. You cannot claim Second Adult Rebate if you are of working age. You cannot claim Second Adult Rebate if you have a partner unless you or your partner are not counted for Council Tax purposes i.e. a student, a student nurse, an apprentice, a youth trainee, severely mentally impaired in hospital or in prison.

Second Adult Rebate is based on the circumstances and income of the people who share your home. Your income and savings will not be taken into account when calculating a Second Adult Rebate.

You may be able to get Second Adult Rebate if other people who share your home are:

  • aged over 18
  • not your partner
  • not paying you rent as a boarder or sub tenant
  • not liable to pay Council Tax themselves
  • not a joint owner

If you are entitled to Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate we will pay the one which gives you the most money. This is called a better buy calculation.

After the weekly income of the second adult has been calculated, you may receive as much as a 25%, 15% or a 7½% reduction off your Council tax bill.  100% second adult rebate can be awarded for State Pension Credit Age student householders - please contact us for more details.

Thresholds 2015-2016

25% reduction if the second adult is in receipt of:

  • Income Support, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance or Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Pension credit (Guaranteed or Savings)

15% reduction if the gross income of the second adult is less than £187.00 per week

7.5% reduction if the gross income of the second adult is between £187.00 and £243.00 per week 

To apply for Second Adult Rebate, please print a claim form from our downloadable forms page.