FAQs for visitors

How will this closure help?
Many businesses will have limited capacity within their shops and so shoppers need space to queue outside on the pavement. By pedestrianising these roads, we can provide enough space for other visitors to walk along the roads whilst maintaining social distancing.  

How long is this for?
The layout of road space, the extent of the closures and a consideration of street parking will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the measures operate safely and take account of any changes to government advice. However, this is a temporary traffic order. 

Where will I be able to park?
The Swan Centre, Mitchell Road, Southampton Road, Hanns Way and Romsey Road car parks are open, and each have allocated disabled bays and motorcycle parking. If you park in one of the Council owned car parks and pay using Ringo, you will receive an hour's free parking 

What provision has been made for disabled access?
We have increased the number of disabled bays in the town centre and you can now find disabled bays in Leigh Road, Mitchell Road and in all of the town centre car parks. 

What about emergency access?
Emergency access will be maintained throughout the closure.

When will the closure apply?
The temporary closure will be in place from Monday 15 June.

Will space be provided to cafes and restaurants when they reopen?
We will be listening to government advice as lockdown measures are eased and regularly monitor and review the road layout. Restaurants and cafes, bars, pubs will be able to apply for pavement licenses to use the highway for their business 

Who will enforce the closure?
The Borough Council will continue to take appropriate enforcement action for parking violations and will be reviewing the parking arrangements for the town centre car parks regularly to ensure that they are well managed.

I want to cycle into town, will there be enough cycle parking space?
We are working with Hampshire County Council to increase the provision of cycle parking in the town centre but this will take a little more time to deliver. More information will follow.

Can I cycle down the closed streets? 
We actively encourage cycling to the town centre, but please dismount your bike in the pedestrianised areas. 

Can I still use my mobility scooter?
Yes, mobility scooters and other walking aids can still be used in the town centre.

Are the toilets open?
The toilets at the bus station (next to Sainsbury's) on Upper Market Street are open

The Changing Places facility at Eastleigh House will be available Monday - Friday 

What about cleansing? 
Our streetscene team will be emptying and disinfecting public bins more regularly, and other items that are touched such as parking meters.