Spring 2020 Business Grants

Could your business benefit from a Council grant?

What is the Grant? 
This grant is intended to make a contribution to someone wishing to set up their own business or for developing a small business. This should be your only business and be your main employment. You should be based in the Borough of Eastleigh. The grant should help establish your business for example: buying essential equipment needed to start up, marketing or anything to help your business.

How do I apply?
Complete the application form

How much can I apply for?
The grant is for a maximum of £1,000 and a breakdown of cost for the project will need to be provided. Payment will only be made on production of receipts or we can pay the supplier direct. We are unable to make payments to you in advance of purchase. The cost cannot be incurred prior to the panel approving the application.

Who can apply?
Anyone can apply who is starting a business or looking to expand, employing 10 or less people. The business must be registered and trading in Eastleigh Borough.

Are there any limitations? 

You can't use the grant for projects that are contra to the council’s policies
You can't apply if you have received one of our business grants in the last three years.
You can't apply if your business is registered and trading outside the borough of Eastleigh
You can't apply if your businesses has over 10 employees
You can't claim for a cost that you incurred prior to the panel approving the application
You may be asked for a copy of your business plan

When will the grant be paid?
Deadline for applications is Tuesday 31 March. All applications will be assessed by the grant panel within one week and you will be notified of their decision in writing.  Payment will only be made on production of receipts or we can pay the supplier direct.

If I am awarded a grant?
You will be contacted 6 months after the grant is awarded as a follow up and visited at your business premises.
We may do a publicity piece on your business showing how the grant has helped your business.
We would like grant recipients to make use of our other business support services by signing up to our online support service Platform4, receiving our business newsletter and attending our annual business conference and other events

To find out more, including terms and conditions and how to apply, please contact economicdevelopment@eastleigh.gov.uk