Supplying the Council

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Supplying the CouncilContract

We are a large borough authority that supplies a wide range of services to a community of 116,000 people. This means the Council has a considerable demand for the supply of goods and services. Its requirements range from contracts for capital projects like roads and swimming pools through to refuse collection and down to screws and nails.    

All large items are purchased after a competitive tendering process. However procedures for purchasing smaller items are more informal and as long as you can show your goods or services represent value for money you stand every chance of success.

When we buy goods and services we:-

Our value for money criteria recognise that lowest price is not necessarily the best solution, and so purchasing decisions take other factors into account such as the economic, environmental and social impacts of goods and services both in the short and long-term;

We want you, as a potential supplier, to describe your business philosophy, policies and credentials to us so that we can be sure that those we do business with share – or have aspirations to share – common goals.

Please note that Hampshire County Council provides a wide range of services on our behalf and these include:

  • Adult social services
  • Children's social services
  • Highways
  • Schools

Our housing stock is provided by First Wessex.   Please see the links below for information on providing services for Hampshire County Council and First Wessex.

You may also wish to register your business on the South East Business portal (see link below). It's quick and easy to register and is free.   The portal details all the procurement opportunities across the south east that local councils have. 

Detailed below are the direct contacts.  All general procurement enquiries should be addressed to