Lock-up Garages

Lock-up Garages in Eastleigh

Page last updated at 26 July 2017 at 17:29

Lock-Up Garages    Garages Grantham Road

The Council own and manage 67 lock-up garages in Eastleigh Town Centre and 4 in Bursledon.


Unfortunately, there are no vacant garages available to let at the present time.  However, if you wish to be added to the Council's waiting list or discuss availability with a member of our Team please telephone 023 8068 8206 or email us at  garages@eastleigh.gov.uk


Location and Costs 

Garages 1 - 43             Grantham Road, Eastleigh                 £14.50 per week

Garages 1 - 20             Cherbourg Road, Eastleigh                £14.00 per week

Garages 21 - 24           Cherbourg Road, Eastleigh                £16.00 per week

Garages 1 - 4               Chamberlayne Road, Bursledon        £11.40 per week


Other Charges

Please note, all rents are payable monthly by direct debit.  In addition, you will be required to pay a one-off non refundable administration fee of £50 for the set up of the tenancy.