PONToon project

Up-skilling socially disadvantaged women through a fusion of digital technologies and creative industries

We are proud to be supporting an international project that focuses on up-skilling socially disadvantaged women through a fusion of digital technologies and creative industries. The model centres on community development, social and economic inclusion and equality and aims to produce a methodology that is scalable and able to be applied to broader demographic groups and geographical regions.

The sudden growth of the digital and creative sectors has led to a digital skills shortage (by 2020, in both France and the UK, 90% of jobs will need digital skills). 

Funded by Interreg FCE, led by the University of Portsmouth and supported by a further ten partners from France and the UK, the PONToon – Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN initiative will use a variety of tools. From virtual reality interviews to webinars and bespoke computer game experiences, where the game scenarios aim to engage and train users on basic and advanced ICT skills, social media and other digital skills. These novel forms of training are often found to be more engaging and effective than traditional methods and will help socially excluded women gain the relevant skills needed to support employment and economic inclusion.

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth is lead partner in this three-and-a-half-year project with 11 UK and French partners, and a total budget of 5.8 million euros (approximately €1.5 million total budget to University of Portsmouth; 69% grant funded, 31% partner contribution). Our support includes the provision of communications expertise to help raise the profile and extend the reach and impact of the project.