Council preparing Borough for Brexit

Cabinet to consider plans for Brexit

The Council has approved plans to prepare the Borough for exiting the  European Union. 

Although there is still a great deal of uncertainty relating to Brexit the December Cabinet report sets out the Council’s activity to date and also highlights key risks and areas where the Council has begun and will continue to develop contingency plans.

Regardless of the exit scenario, non-UK EU staff will be required to register for settled status and the Council is recommending that it will cover registration costs for any of its staff that are affected and also provide additional HR guidance and support.

Due to the level of uncertainty for businesses, the Council intends to hold a workshop in the New Year and provide support and guidance for business, particularly the impact of an economic downturn or even recession.

The Council will also seek confirmation from Highways England and the Department for Transport relating to contingency plans for key infrastructure projects including the Smart Motorway.

Council Leader, Councillor Keith House, said: “It is difficult to assess the direct implications of Brexit on the Council and the Borough. Several assessments appear to indicate significant issues relating to a 'No Deal' scenario, with relative negative impact on the economy from all exit scenarios. It is important that we prepare for the potential impacts of Brexit and how it may affect the Council and our residents and businesses. To ensure we keep on top of any eventualities we propose to set up a Brexit working group to monitor ongoing key risks and ensure that contingency plans are in place.”