Boat licences

Apply for a boatman licence or a pleasure boat licence

We are the licensing authority for pleasure vessels operating out of the River Hamble (both the Hamble and Warsash sides of the river)

A licence is required for pleasure vessels carrying 12 or less fee paying passengers.

Applications for boat and boatman licences should be made to the River Hamble Harbour Master. However licences are issued by us and therefore administration fees are payable to both authorities. 

The administration fee for Eastleigh Borough Council for 2019 is £100 and for the River Hamble Harbour Master the fee is £90. The application must be accompanied by the correct fee.

Please note: applications may take up to 28 days to process.

Harbour Master

  • River Hamble Harbour Office, Shore Road, Warsash SO31 9FR
  • Telephone: 01489 576387