Business rates grants

Support grants for businesses in the Borough in response to the coronavirus pandemic

In response to coronavirus, COVID–19, the Government announced there would be support for small businesses, and businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors which were currently liable for Business Rates.

This support will take the form of two grant funding schemes:

  • Small Business Grant Fund (SBGF)
  • Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant (RHLG)

Who will benefit from these schemes?

Businesses eligible for Small Business Rate Relief on 11 March 2020 will be eligible to receive a business support grant of £10,000.

Businesses that were eligible for Retail Relief on 11 March 2020. For properties with a rateable value of less than £15,000 the grant will be £10,000; for properties with a rateable value of between £15,000 and £51,000 the grant will be £25,000.

Grants will be available per property and will be subject to State Aid de minimis rules.

Emergency Relief Form

Business support Grant FAQs

The form should be completed and emailed to our Economy Team


How many businesses has Eastleigh Borough Council helped during the Covid-19 outbreak?

At 21 April, £9,745,000 has been awarded to approx. 731 businesses 

Am I eligible for the grants?

You must be paying business rates to be eligible

If you were receiving Small Business Rate Relief on 11 March 2020, you may be eligible for the grant of £10,000

If your premises have a rateable value below £51,000 and are dedicated to retail, hospitality or leisure, then you may be eligible for the grant of £25,000

How do I apply for help?

We ask that you complete the application form at the following link:

The fields marked with an asterisk are required by the Treasury in order to award the grants.

The other information is to help us to find other funding or support for you if you are not eligible for a grant.

You do not have to complete any of the fields without an asterisk but the more information you give us, the better our chances of being able to help.

And send it to our Economic Development team

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Your form will be assessed by our business rates specialists and, if eligible for a grant, will be passed to our Finance department where your company details will be entered into a system that enables us to pay you.

How long does this process take?

We aim to have an assessment available within one week of receiving your form.

If you are eligible for a grant, payment of the full sum should be in your account within two weeks.

We have extra staff working overtime to process the high volume of applications and apologise if we sometimes take a little longer.

If you have not heard anything from us two weeks after you send in your application, please email Camilla Sharp.

What if I am not eligible?

Our Economic Development team will help to identify other sources of funding and support for you.

What about rate relief?

Children’s nurseries, retailers of all sizes and the hospitality and leisure businesses mentioned above will have no rates to pay at all during the financial year 2020-2021

If you are eligible, you will probably have received a bill for 2020-2021 already but you don’t have to do anything.  Our business rates team will issue you with a new bill in due course.