What happens if you are paid too much Housing Benefit

If you are paid too much Housing Benefit you will be asked to pay it back.

Housing Benefit overpayments are recovered either by taking money from your ongoing Housing Benefit (if you are still receiving it) or by sending you an invoice. You must pay the invoice in full or contact us to make an arrangement.

If you fail to repay the amount due, further recovery action will be taken against you. This incurs costs and money can be deducted from your wages or salary, from any other benefits in payment, or by involving a debt collection agency or the County Court.

Sometimes overpayments are recovered direct from your landlord if they were receiving payments direct  - and if they contributed to the overpayment by failing to inform us of a change in circumstances, such as tenants quitting the property.

Financial Information Questionnaire
If you have an outstanding Housing Benefit overpayment for which we are taking deductions directly from your Housing Benefit, you can request that these deductions are reduced if you are suffering from financial hardship.