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Are you waste wise?

From all the waste that we create every day, there are three simple steps that can be taken to cut down the amount of waste we end up throwing away.  The three steps to being waste wise:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle  

The first step to waste prevention is trying to reduce our waste that we are creating to begin with.  There are many ways you can reduce your waste, some ways are listed below:

  • binsPurchasing products with less packaging
  • Buy only the food that you need and will eat
  • Recycle in your kitchen
  • Use leftovers for lunch/dinner the next day
  • Don’t buy individually wrapped items
  • Fix broken things rather than buy new
  • Buy reusable bags/batteries rather than keep buying new


Once you have looked at reducing your waste, you can look at re-using your waste.  This could be re-using a plastic bottle as a water bottle again and again or using plastic plates at a birthday party rather than using paper one’s that then have to be thrown away. 

Once you have reduced and reused all your waste, you can recycle everything you can.  Making sure you fill up your green bin and taking additional items to your local recycling banks such as textiles will make sure you are being waste wise.  Making sure you reduce reuse and recycle will in turn reduce the amount of waste you are throwing in your black bin.

By reducing the amount of waste we create, we also save natural resources that otherwise would be extracted to make more items.  That is why, although we send waste to be incinerated, we would rather see it reused or recycled before being sent for energy recovery. 

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