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Pet Shops

There are  a number of licenced Pet Shops in Eastleigh Borough.  All shops that sell animals must be licensed, and the licence should be displayed in the shop.

The Pet Animals Act 1951 authorises Local Authorities to control the sale of pet animals.

Setting up a Pet Shop

You will require planning permission and a Pet Shop licence.  You should contact the Planning Unit on planning@eastleigh.gov.uk and contact the Animal Welfare Officers for a copy of the licence conditions. You should also contact your insurance company who will advise you on any insurance you may need, and our Health & Safety Officer can also offer advice.

You do not require a Pet Shop licence if you do not sell animals.

If you wish to start selling animals from your existing Pet Supplies shop you should check with Development Control to see if you require planning permission.  Contact the Animal Welfare Officers for a copy of the licence conditions or download a copy here.

Licence application form and  Licence Conditions

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