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Collections from Flats and Communal Bin Stores

Your flat has a dedicated bin store, which is for the sole use of residents.  Your bin store has a recycling bin, a glass recycling bin and a household waste bin.  What you can recycle in each bin is explained below. 

Your Communal Recycling Bin
Your communal recycling bin is collected fortnightly. In your green recycling bin you can recycle the following:

food drink cans plastic bottles aerosols
newspapers cardboard paper

Please remember all your recycling must be placed in the bin loose and clean.

You cannot recycle the following items in your green recycling bin:

red crossDrinks Cartons (tetrapaks)
red crossShredded Paper
red crossWrapping Paper
red crossCarrier Bags/Black Bags
red crossPlastic Packaging (yoghurt pots/polystyrene)

These items can be disposed of in your black household waste bin.

Do you use a recyclable bag to recycle?
Eastleigh Borough Council provides a reusable bag to residents who live in flats to make recycling easy.  To request a reusable bag please email the Recycling Team.

Please note, a charge will be made for emptying recycling bins that contain non-recyclable material.

Your Communal Glass Bin
glassYour glass bottles and jars are collected from your bin store every month.  In your glass bin you can recycle all your glass bottles and jars.

If your bin store does not have a glass recycling bin please contact the Recycling Team.  Call 023 8068 8440 to request one.

Your Communal Household Waste Bin
Your communal household waste bin is for household waste that cannot be recycled, it may include the following:

tickCling film, Polystyrene, Crisp packets, Plastic packaging.
tickSanitary products, Nappies (double wrap to avoid odours),
tickCat litter

We do not accept the following in your communal household waste bin:
red crossBricks/Rubble, Soil,
red crossLarge item’s i.e. furniture, Electrical items,
red crossGarden Waste, Hot Ashes

If any items from the above list are found in your communal household waste bin, our collection crews will be unable to empty the bin.  You can dispose of the items above at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre, there are 4 across the Borough. 

In accordance with Eastleigh Borough Council's recycling and waste policy, all the waste must be contained within a bin with the lid closed.  Waste left outside of the bin store may be classified as fly tipping. 

Local Recycling Banks
Any glass that you can’t fit in your glass bin along with textiles, books and aluminium foil can be recycled at local recycling banks across the Borough. Many recycling banks are at supermarkets or other places you visit regularly so it’s easy to recycle.  Please visit Recycle Now  to find your nearest local recycling banks.

FAQ’s for communal bins
Our bin has not been collected – what do I do?

Eastleigh Borough Council work really hard to ensure that your bins are collected.  If there is an operational issue with collection, the collection crew will return as soon as possible to try again. Please report any non-collected bins to our Customer Service Team

Call 023 8068 8440

Email customerservicecentre@eastleigh.gov.uk

I do not have a reusable recycling bag, how do I get one?

Email recycling@eastleigh.gov.uk or call 023 8068 8440 and speak to a member of the Recycling Team to get a bag delivered to you. 

I do not know which of my bins is a recycling bin?

Recycling bins should be easily identifiable with a sticker on the front of the bin.  If your bin is not stickered or you are still unsure please contact the Recycling Team on 023 8068 8440.

To find out more information see the pages below:

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If you have any further questions about this service please contact the Recycling Team .


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