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Finding your way around this site

The site has been designed to help you find the information you require quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Used Links

For frequently used tasks use the 'Pay for it', 'Report it', ' Apply for it', 'Find out about' and 'Have your say' buttons on the top of every page. Click on the required button to show the available options in this section. Clicking on the button will close it again.  Where there are more than one page of links, please use the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through the options.

Main Menu

The Main Menu apears on every page but is automatically collapsed on every page apart from the home page. To use it, move the mouse over the Main Menu to exapnd it, then selelct the appropriate option.Moving the mouse away from the menu will automatically collapse it.

A to Z

There is an  A to Z site index link at the top of every page. This provides a comprehensive list of the subjects on this website and also contains links to services provided by other organisations. An * to the right of the service indicates a link to an external site.


The search box on the top right hand corner of every page is another way of finding information on this site. Enter the words you would like to search for and click the 'Go' button or hit press the enter key on your keyboard.

Bottom Menu

There is an additional menu at the bottom of every page. This menu is based on the standard menu suggested for council websites. The menu includes links to services not directly provided by Eastleigh Borough Council, e.g. education, social services.

Home Page

It is possible to drag around certain elements on the home page, and to switch them on and off. Items that can be switched off have an 'x' on the top right hand corner of its title bar. Clicking the 'x' will turn it off.

To move elements around, hover over the title bar, the mouse cursor will turn to four arrows. Hold down the mouse button and drag the element to the desired location.

To open a 'closed' element, click on the link which says 'Add more to this page' on the right hand side of the yellow bar just below 'Have your Say'. This will show all the available elements, select the ones you would like to see. 

Feedback and Contact Details

If you have any comments about the site, please complete our feedback form and we will respond to you.

For additoinal help using the site please email the webmaster or contact our Customer Contact Centre on 023 8068 8000.

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