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Councillors (also referred to as Members) are elected by the local community and are there to represent its views. Each councillor represents an area called a ward, serving for four years. Councillors are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the community about local services, like rubbish collection and leisure facilities, and agreeing budgets and Council Tax charges.

There are 19 wards in the borough of Eastleigh represented by 44 councillors.

As at 8 May 2015:

Liberal Democrat – 38
Conservative – 6

Use the 'My Property' search to find out which ward you live in and which Councillors represent your ward.

On being elected, Members sign up to a Code of Conduct and are entitled to an allowance as set out in the in the Council's Scheme of Members' Allowances.

In addition to Borough Councillors, the area is represented by eleven MEPs, two Members of Parliament and seven County Councillors.  There are also ten Parish Councils.

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