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Did you know? There are 70,000 official LOCOG volunteers who were selected from 240,000 applicants!

However the action doesn't stop at London in 2012. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities right here in Eastleigh and on the south coast for you to get involved in!

Volunteering Hands LogoWho can volunteer?


Why volunteer?

The benefits associated with volunteering are multi faceted and numerous, but overall volunteering largely;

  • Improves your CV!
  • Enhances your life experience
  • Improves one's employment prospects
  • Helps you get to know the local community
  • May lead to you gaining an accreditation / certification or certification for your efforts
  • Occupies your time whilst out of work or seeking work - which demonstrates to potential employers that you aren't lazy!
  • Enables you to meet new people and make new friends
  • Helps you gain confidence and self-esteem through new challenges and meeting new people
  • Assists you in gaining new skills, knowledge and experience as well as developing existing skills and knowledge.

How can I volunteer?

There are plenty of local volunteering schemes for you to get involved in! Click on the links below to see what opportunities are out there!

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