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Culture and The Arts

The Borough of Eastleigh has a vibrant cultural infrastructure and offers the community and its visitors access to high quality professional arts, award-winning cultural facilities, and one of the best outreach and creative learning programmes in the UK. There is a wealth of arts and culture on offer and a wide range of venues, festivals and events for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Venues of particular interest include Eastleigh's internationally recognised centre for contemporary arts, dance and performance at The Point and the new centre for drama at The Berry Theatre in Hedge End.

Other popular venues include the acclaimed jazz venue at The Concorde Club, the regional centre for music at Thornden Hall, and the arts and heritage centre managed by Greyladyes Arts Foundation.

Theatre Festival of Music ThePointnight


Cultural Strategy

We understand the word ‘culture’ to refer to the activities, events and opportunities that bring our community and our visitors together to enjoy the life of the borough.

Cultural Strategy

The Cultural Strategy was developed by the Culture Unit at Eastleigh Borough Council in 2009 in consultation with partner organisations, local stakeholders, education providers and the community. The strategy outlines how the Culture Unit will take a leading role in delivering an innovative cultural agenda.

Eastleigh’s Cultural Strategy is available to view online by clicking the image to the left or by clicking on the link below. If you have any comments or questions related to the strategy please email or you can write to us at the Civic Offices using the address at the bottom of this page.

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