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Activities for Key Stage 3 and 4

Wind Turbine

Science and Geography

Energy: Is climate change happening? What is the evidence? How big are our carbon footprints? How do we compare to other global citizens? What renewable technologies are the Park using to tackle climate change?

Citizenship: What are our responsibilities when visiting the countryside? Explore how the Countryside Code allows the park to be enjoyed by a range of visitors. Our staff can give an illustrated talk.

Tourism: What are the positive and negative impacts of visitors to the park? How can the Park sustainably manage it's visitor impact? Our staff can give an illustrated talk

Environment and feeding relationships: Collect and compare the invertebrates in the pond, broadleaved and coniferous woodland environments. Check out how they are suited to their habitat, how the organisms interact, and construct food webs.


Leisure and Tourism talk: What are the conflicts and pressures at Itchen Valley Country Park, and how do we manage these? (Key Stage 3, 4 and A Level)

The Countryside Code: An illustrated talk exploring our responsibilities when visiting the countryside. Ideal for a citizenship topic. (Key Stage 3)

Forest School

We run a Forest School here at the Park and schools are able to book 6 consecutive two hour sessions for 12 children. At present we only take students in Key Stage 3. More details can be found on our Forest School pages.

6 sessions £360.00

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