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Dowd's Farm Park, Hedge End

In January 2009 Adrian Moakes worked with the local community of Dowd's Farm Park to create a public art vision for the park.  Following a series of public consultation events including exhibitions, meetings and workshops, together with a comprehensive photographic study and local history research, a wealth of ideas has arisen to creatively enhance the park with a variety of public artworks. 

A sculpture trail, a sculptural Jetty and a bespoke youth shelter are just some of the fantastic ideas in Adrian Moakes' Public Art Vision for Dowd's Farm Park

Dowd's Farm Sculpture Trail

Saturday 10 April 2010 saw the installation of the first 3 pieces of the sculpture trail to Dowd’s Farm Park.  The 3 sculptures, Barleycorn, Carp Shoal and Axehead, created by Arian Moakes, are inspired by the unique history and biodiversity of the site.  Adrian Moakes and a selection of keen staff from the electronic store ‘Best Buy’ installed the artworks that were inspired through work with the children at Wellstead school. The final two sculptures, Hedges & Houses and Vessel were unveiled by the Mayor on the 27 May 2010.

Barleycorn sculpture Dowd's Farm Park Carp Shole Dowd's Farm Park Dowd's Farm Park
Barley corn Carp shole Hedges & Houses
Vessel Dowd's Farm Park Axehead Dowd's Farm Park
Vessel Axehead


Coming this Autumn as the next stage of Dowd's Farm public art programme is a habitat jetty designed by Handspring designs .  The team held wood carving workshops on the 7-8 August with local people to create sculptural elements for the jetty that will be installed by the end of October this year.

Jetty workshop Jetty Workshops Jetty workshop

Youth Shelter

The final stage of the Dowd's Farm park's current public art scheme will be a Youth Shelter, designed by artist Ira Lightman and the teenagers from the Box youth group in Hedge End.

Ira, a text-artist and performance poet who often appears on Radio 3's The Verb, has been getting to know the young people who use the area and asking them to rate existing youth shelters and facilities in the area, and look at the latest designs, to make a youth shelter suited to their needs. Ira and the group have worked together to produce the shape and text-design they want, for the very contemporary shelter, even inventing a new font!

Pirelli (Park 21), Eastleigh

‘Cod Steaks’  - the artists that created sets for Aardman Animations' Wallace and Gromit films - hosted 'Art in the Park', a day of fun activities for local residents, at Pirelli Park 21 in Eastleigh on Thursday 29 July to finalise ideas for a 6 metre tall archway that is planned for the park! 

The Cod Steaks team have been appointed to design and deliver public art for Pirelli Park 21 on Bright Wire Crescent that celebrates the history of the site and creates an exciting new focal point for the area. 

Several community events, including a summer BBQ, school workshops and meetings with the Disability Forum, have taken place to establish themes for the art. The 'Art in the Park' event brought together material  to help finalise the creative ideas.

Pirelli Art in the Park Pirelli Art in the Park Pirelli Art in the Park
Art in the Park   Art in the Park

Itchen Navigation Arts Project 
Abigail Downer has been appointed as the lead artist to run the Itchen Navigation Arts project over the two year period 2009 and 2010.  The arts project aims to widen the audience to the Itchen Navigation and will involve public events and working with local schools.

Three Land Draw and Dance Events have now taken place at Southampton (Sept '09), Eastleigh (May '10) and Winchester (Jul '10). At each event hundreds of people helped create huge designs of salmon, eels and dragonflies and students from local secondary schools performed Itchen inspired dance through the land art.

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