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Planning Your Journey


Mobile Apps

A new Southampton Buses app for Iphone has recently been released. This free app gives journey planning and real time bus and train information , and covers all the public transport operators in Eastleigh.

To download the app, please visit the link below:

This comes in addition to existing apps for Bluestar and Velvet:





Txt4times ia a great way of checking the times of the next three buses that will stop at any bus stop in Hampshire.

If you’re waiting at a bus stop and are wondering what time the next bus is due you can simply write the stop code as a text message and send it to 84268. The service costs the same as a normal text message.

You will receive back a text message that tells you the times of the next three buses that will stop at the stop you’re waiting at.

If the stop you’re waiting at is served by several bus services, then you can add the service number you would like times for. As before, write the stop code into a text message and then leave a space and add the service number. You will then receive a message back telling you the times of the next three buses of that service.

Nearly all bus stops in Hampshire now show their unique stop code, but if it doesn’t then you can find the code for your local bus stop on the Traveline website.

To do this visit, click on the ‘SMS service’ link and enter your address or postcode. You may need to zoom in to find the specific bus stop you require. Once you have found the right bus stop, hover the mouse over the bus stop symbol and the code will show, for example, Eastleigh Bus Station’s code is: hamdajwa.

The Transport Direct website also provides this information. Visit their website, click on ‘find a place’, enter your address or post code and then ‘map of the area’. This shows a local map. Zoom in to see the bus stop symbol for the direction you’re travelling and hover the mouse over the stop for the code.

If you start to use the txt4times service regularly and your local stop does not show its code, you may find it useful to make a note of the codes for stops you use regularly and then you can check the bus times before you set off on your journey.  

There are also other websites you can visit for bus times and smart phone apps you can download, such as MyBus (app) or Enter your location and a map is displayed showing the local stops. Click on the relevant stop to find out times of the buses serving that stop (destination information is also supplied).

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