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Residents' Parking


How Do I Apply For A Permit?

Complete an application form for each permit, renewal or change of vehicle. Provide proof of ownership (or use of a company vehicle, for example) of the vehicle and proof that you currently live at an address within a parking zone. For visitors' permits complete an application form and produce documentation of proof of residency only.

Application forms can be obtained in person from the Eastleigh House offices or by telephoning Customer Services on: 023 8068 8088 or downloaded here. Both word and pdf versions are provided, right click and "Save Target As..." to download.

All forms can be returned by post or taken to Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street together with the appropriate documentation.

What Documents Do I Need To Obtain A Permit?

Confirmation of vehicle registration number e.g. Vehicle Registration document. A current & valid Motor Insurance Certificate may be accepted. Please also provide proof of residential address (e.g. Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration document, Tenancy agreement). If you drive a company vehicle, please supply a letter from the company and/or vehicle owner, on company headed paper, with your application confirming that you are the driver. Photocopies may be accepted.
Applications & Information

  • Post: Customer Service Centre, Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN
  • Visit: Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh. Opening times: Monday – Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

When Should I Surrender My Permit

A permit may be surrendered at any time and must be surrendered if:

  • The permit holder ceases to reside at the property or within the zone to which the permit relates
  • The permit holder ceases to be the owner or operator of the vehicle for which the permit was issued
  • The vehicle is adapted or used in such a way that it is no longer of a class for which a permit can be issued

How Do I Renew My Existing Permit?

If your vehicle details remain unchanged from the last time a permit was issued you can renew and pay for (if necessary) your permit:

  • Online:  Go to My Eastleigh and select ‘Renew Residents Parking Permit’ in the ‘Apply’ section at any time. You will need to have your current permit number(s) and vehicle registration(s) when applying.
  • By Telephone: Telephone the Customer Service Centre at Eastleigh House on 023 8068 8088. Where a payment is needed a valid debit or credit card will be required. Please note a surcharge may apply for credit card payments.

If your vehicle details have changed from the last time a permit was issued you will need to renew your permit:

  • In Person at: Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN during office hours:
  • Monday – Thursday: 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • By Post from: Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN

How Does The Scheme Work?

Permit Holders may park their vehicles in residents' parking bays within designated zones. The residents' bays are not subject to waiting restrictions and the scheme operates:

Between 8.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Saturday (except Bank Holidays) in Zones 1 to 8;

Between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) in Zone 9; and

Between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) in Zone 11.

Permits must be displayed on the vehicles front windscreen as set out in the scheme regulations. Permits can only be used for a single vehicle and are not transferable.

Who Is Entitled To A Residents' Parking Permit?

1) Residents who live within controlled zones, subject to General Exclusions, and who keep a passenger vehicle adapted to carry not more than twelve passengers or a goods vehicle with an unladen weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Motorcycles will require a permit to be parked within the marked zones.

2) Operators of businesses within the residents' parking zones.

3) Professional 'Carers' e.g. doctors, home helps, social workers and others who regularly visit elderly or infirm residents within the zones (maximum stay 3 hours).

General Exclusions

All new housing developments (including the redevelopment of existing housing) within the Controlled Parking Zones are excluded from entitlement to any parking permits.

How Many Permits Can I Have?

Each household can apply for a maximum of two permits.  A third permit may be issued at the discretion of the Council if off street parking cannot be provided practically at the property.
Where Can I Park?

Permit Holders may park in designated residents' bays.
Vehicles with or without permits may park in some designated sections of roads within the parking zones for up to two or four hours as indicated on the adjacent signs.
Vehicles displaying a Disabled Person's badge may be left in a residents' parking bay.
Vehicles displaying a Professional Carer's permit may be left in a residents' parking bay for up to three hours only.
Vehicles must park within marked bays.
The residents' parking scheme does not guarantee that space is always available in any parking bays.
Note: Outside of the scheme operating times the parking bays are available for all vehicles including those without permits.
Suspension Of Permit Holder Bays

Eastleigh Borough Council will occasionally need to suspend or partially suspend permit holders' parking bays for road works or other reasons.  Advanced warning notices will normally be put up a few days before any suspension starts, but for emergency works, advanced notice may not always be possible.  It is the Permit Holder's responsibility to ensure that the bay in which their vehicle is parked is not suspended.  If a vehicle is parked, or left, in a suspended parking bay, this may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.

Option of resident parking in town centre car parks

A resident may be entitled to purchase a half-price quarterly parking permit for parking a vehicle in designated town centre car parks. This concession is only available to a resident who resides in a residential property which is not within a residential parking zone but is located in the town centre. The resident must live in the property and have no off-road parking available. Vehicle registration and occupancy details must be supplied and verified by the council at the time of application. Please contact the Customer Service Centre at Eastleigh House for further information.

Visitors' Parking

Visitor Permits

  • Allow parking all day in designated Residents' Parking Bays, but are not valid in Limited Waiting Bays
  • The maximum number of Visitors' Permits each household (with or without a car) may receive per year is set out below
  • Each permit will allow a visitor to park for one day in specific residents' parking bays; the permit must be displayed on any vehicle used by a visitor including motorcycles
  • To qualify the household must be your sole or main residence 

 Zones 1 to 8

Number of Adults Residing in Household
aged 18 and Over

Number of Visitor Permits
per Household









Zones 9 and 11

Number of Adults Residing in Household
aged 18 and Over

Number of Visitors Permits
per Household










Temporary Visitor Permits

Allow non-residents to park all day in designated Residents' Parking Bays in any zone, but are not valid in Limited Waiting Bays.  The charge for the permit is £42 for six days' parking.

All permits should be completed in ink in each section with the vehicle registration number and the day and date the permit is being used. The zone number should be completed for Temporary Visitors' Permits only. Do not overwrite or re-use any section as this invalidates the permit.

The Council reserves the right to refuse to issue visitors' permits in certain circumstances.
Carers' Permits

Issued free of charge to infirm, disabled or housebound residents who receive help from regular visitors.  They allow your visitors unrestricted parking within your zone. Alternatively you may apply for additional visitors' permits.
Businesses are not entitled to visitors' or carers' permits.
Professional Carers' Permits

Allows parking for up to 3 hours by doctors, home helps, social workers and others who regularly visit elderly or infirm residents. The permits are valid within all parking zones.

Plumbers, Builders etc

Trades people can use your visitors' permits. Alternatively non-residents may purchase temporary visitors' permits. 


Permit Charges

  • 1st Permit  - £30.00 (applies only to new residents moved into a property after 19th October 2011)
  • 2nd Permit - £60.00
  • 3rd Permit (if permitted) - £120.00 (For 3rd Permits, a £25.00 non-refundable inspection fee is also required to ensure the property does not have alternative off road parking, Please complete the Inspection Application Form)
  • Visitors' Permits - No charge
  • Carers' Permits - No charge
  • Professional Carers' Permits - £60.00
  • Temporary Visitors' Permits - £42.00 (valid for a 6 day period only)
  • 1st Business Permit - £60.00
  • 2nd Business Permit - £120.00
  • 3rd Business Permit - £170.00 if permit provision agreed by the parking service
  • 4th Business Permit - £170.00 if permit provision agreed by the parking service

Payments And Refunds

Discounted Charges

Permits issued six months after the annual renewal date will be discounted by 50% and by 83% if issued ten months after the annual permit renewal date.


Subject to 'Discounted Charges' above, charges apply from the annual renewal date irrespective of when the permit is issued. The correct charge must be submitted with each application, before a permit is issued.  Cheques, and Postal Orders should be made payable to Eastleigh Borough Council and crossed a/c payee.

Residents moving out of the parking zone or disposing of their vehicle without replacement must return the permit to the Parking Office for cancellation.
A refund of the total annual cost of the permit divided by twelve for any complete unused months will be made. Refunds of £5 or less will not be paid.
A refund Can Only Be Made if the original permit is returned to the Council. Refunds will be made by cheque within 21 days of receipt of the application and returned permit.  There will be no refunds for temporary visitor permits.
Loss Or Change Of Permit

There is no charge to replace or to change the details of a permit. However a £5.00 fee may be charged if changes or replacements are required more than once a year.


Who Will Enforce The Scheme

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) employed by Eastleigh Borough Council issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for:

  • Parking on no waiting restrictions, such as yellow lines
  • Parking in residents' and disabled parking bays where a valid permit or badge is not displayed
  • Parking in taxi ranks where not authorised
  • Parking outside marked bays
  • Parking for too long in limited waiting areas
  • Failing to pay and display a valid parking ticket where parking charges apply
  • Parking across dropped kerbs
  • Double parking (parking more than 50cm from the kerb)

If you receive a PCN you can appeal to the Council. If the appeal is refused an Independent Adjudicator can hear unresolved disputes between the Council and motorists.  For more information please visit:
A copy of the Traffic Order for the Parking Scheme may be inspected at Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh.

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