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Homechoice - applying for a home

Many people are looking for a home in Eastleigh and may have to wait several years before being successful. Hampshire Home Choice is the name of the housing register for the allocation of social housing for the Borough of Eastleigh. Anybody wanting to move to or within social housing in Eastleigh must be registered on Hampshire Home Choice. It may never be possible for people with minor housing problems to obtain a housing association home, so we offer a 'housing options' service based at the Eastleigh Civic Offices to help you to consider what else you can do.

How to register

From 26 February 2014, all housing association vacancies in the Borough will be advertised and let through the Hampshire Home Choice Housing Register . Apply here if you wish to join the register. You can also bid for properties here once your application has been registered and accepted.

Sheltered Housing
Sheltered housing is designed for older residents and managed in a way that provides peace of mind, with an alarm system and the services of a scheme manager, who often lives 'off site'. If you would like to be considered for sheltered housing you should complete the Hampshire Home Choice Housing Register form which covers most of the sheltered housing in the Borough.  There are a small number of housing associations who have their own waiting lists and we can give information on these if you would like to contact us. 


Most housing association websites have pages which explain more about sheltered housing. First Wessex website

Extra Care schemes are for frailer residents and have on site staff. Further information regarding all the schemes in the Borough can be found in the

Already a tenant? Transfers explained
If you are a tenant of one of the housing associations in the Eastleigh Borough area you may be eligible for a transfer to a larger or smaller property in the Borough.  If you want further information on your eligibility for a transfer you should contact your landlord.
Already a housing association tenant? Mutual exchanges explained
In some cases, tenants of local authorities and housing associations have a right to 'mutually exchange'.  This means that they can 'swap' their property with somebody else.  We are really keen to encourage people with a spare room to exchange with overcrowded families.
You can register on line at  www.homeswapper.co.uk.
Your landlord who will give you further advice such as what homes you can and cannot be exchanged to and what the risks are.

You have a right to question the band in which you are placed on the Hampshire Home Choice Housing Register. www.hampshirehomechoice.org.uk Allocations Policy tells you how to do this. 

More information about Homechoice

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