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Housing Options

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Everybody needs a place to live but it's not always that easy
There is a national shortage of housing and this has resulted in very high house prices. The price of a starter home can be as much as nine times the average income in Eastleigh and market rents in the private sector are equally high. The recession has made matters worse, with fewer homes being built and mortgages harder to get. The demand for social rented housing has never been greater.

Our job is to advise you on your best options according to what you can afford and help you to keep a roof over your head.  

Housing Associations
Most low cost rented housing in Eastleigh is managed by housing associations and the page 'What is a Housing Association?' explains what they do.

To apply for a housing association home to rent or to part buy you need to join the Homechoice register. This page explains everything you need to know about Homechoice.

If you worried about becoming homeless we can help you with advice to prevent this happening and help you find somewhere else to live. Our page 'I'm going to become Homeless'  explains what we can do.

Private Landlords
If you can afford to rent privately or can get help with the rent there are many private landlords operating in Eastleigh. Our page 'Help to Rent Privately' shows you how to find a place of your own.

Housing Benefit
Housing Benefit is available for people on low incomes, according to their means. Our page 'Help to Pay the Rent' puts you in touch with the housing benefit service.

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